Industrial Plant Shutdown Maintenance

Having a plant shutdown is not an easy task. Great effort and planning are required to pull it off effectively and efficiently. APM PROJECTS has had longstanding maintenance contracts with some of the largest manufacturers in the India whose fields of expertise range from automotive to agricultural production. APM PROJECTS believes that our customer’s objectives are number one and must be met with very strict timetables in mind.

APM PROJECTS can be trusted to take great care of your equipment and will work hand in hand with your management team to make sure all maintenance and repair is done to your exacting requirements. We understand that time lost is money lost and inefficient planning of shutdown maintenance impacts both.

APM PROJECTS Industrial And Plant Shutdown Division Specializes In The Following…

  • Ability To Adhere To A Tight Schedule
  • On Site Engineering Capabilities
  • On Site Fabrication Capabilities
  • 24 Hour On Call Service
  • Highly Qualified Personnel